Understanding Evolution in The Context of Religion

When you think about you really start questioning, is the theory of evolution really on different ends of the spectrum? According to Christianity’s most renowned figure Pope Francis the answer to this question is no. There have been one too many arguments about evolution and creationism and they never come to a conclusive understanding, neither side is willing to understand or listen to the other party. Even though Evidence of Design and evolution have been incorporated and in our daily lives, according to the statistics a lot of Catholics do tend to accept that evolution is very much real in one form or another but they are never entirely sure about it. However, if you have any doubts in mind, we would like to address them right now and clear them out. Following are some of the facts and interesting things that we have learned about understanding evolution in the context of religion, check them out below.

Christian Church Has Accepted Evolution

Although because of Pope Francis the talks of debates on evolution and creationism have been in the lime light we all need to know that he is not the first representative of the Holy Church that has accepted the theory of evolution presented by Charles Darwin. In the 1959 one of the Pope actually agreed and said that the evolution and the teachings of the church could coexist in this world.


If we take a look at the statistics in the united states, you will realize that the biggest chunk of the population that has rejected this theory of evolution is actually protestant Christians. Whereas, most of the Catholics have accepted this theory in one way or another but not fully as yet, despite the church having accepted the existence of evolution.