The City of The Future

Toronto is a city that is filled with young people. A city of the future; one which houses the people of the future. As the city of the future the way it does things are very different. People do not work the same way as they used to and they do not live the same way they used to. People have become more work oriented, the age of marriage has gone up quite a bit, and people now like to settle down and own property in the big city rather than living on the outskirts of it.

The difference in the attitudes of people with regard to how they want to live their lives is apparent in the statistics found in the Canadian census. It was recorded that, when the last census was done, 1 in every 8 families had moved in to a condo instead of a house. Most of the people who were moving in to condos were moving to prime locations within big cities, and it is expected that the number of people who are moving out of apartments and house and going to condos will increase over the next few years.

This is all happening because young people do not necessarily believe in going about their lives the way the generations before them have and do not believe that they have to settle down early and get a house in the suburbs right away. People like living in the city and have grown accustomed to the life there, and buying a condo is the perfect thing for these people as it lets them do all of that but also lets them live in their own home in the city. Many projects, like Lakeside Residences, have started popping up because of this all over the city of Toronto.