Laser Treatment Results: How They Differ

We all know that a lot of famous TV personalities and celebrities have opted for getting laser treatment done and they have been pretty open about it, and have even recommended the procedure as a permanent fix to dealing with unwanted body hair. Laser treatment does sound like a dream since you will no longer have to worry about dealing with shaving your legs or whichever part of your body every day, so you get more time to sleep, plus you can wear whatever you want without having to run around to get a quick shave in.

However, you may have heard mixed accounts from regarding their experiences. You may have heard some people talk about how it just took them 6-8 sessions for the treatment to show full-effect, then you might have heard others talk about how they had to have over 10-12 sessions and even then aren’t satisfied with their results. So, we’re going to explain the factors that affect the results of laser hair treatment for a better understanding.

• First of all, there are different hair and skin types. Each of these types do not react as quickly or laser hair treatment. So, thick, dark hair will require different treatment than light, bleached or lighter hair.
• Hormones also play a role into this. Women with hormonal problems like PCOS and other issues tend to have a lot of hair growth. This hair growth fluctuates as well, so dealing with it effectively takes time with laser treatment.
• Other factors like how regular the person was with keeping up with their appointments etc. also plays into this because laser treatment is time sensitive. So, people who keep stretching out the period between sessions won’t get as effective results.

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