Dentistry 101: Step By Step Procedure Of Braces

For a lot of people the trip to orthodontist is something that has never been a pleasant thing and if they have crooked teeth then it can be even more nerve wrecking for them especially if the trip is to start getting braces.

If you have already decided that you have extremely crooked teeth and they need to be fixed then you need to look into your options like a procedure of braces or maybe other options since the advances of technology orthodontist have come up with a variety of treatment options but the most affordable one as yet is to get braces. If you want to get them you need to make sure you know what is going to happen and for that you can just do a bit of research on your own with the help of an internet connection and a laptop. We will be sharing some of the steps that are involved in a dental braces procedure. Following are some of the step by step procedural structure of dental braces, check them out below.

History, Impressions

The very first step involved in the process of getting braces is to take history regarding allergies and stuff and then the patient is told to get some x-rays done and after that they are led to the process of impression taking, the impressions and x-rays along with history of the patient for the dental records which are necessary.


After the impressions are done, in your next appointment the separators will be plugged into all the four back teeth i.e. molars and premolars of your upper and lower jaws.


The next appointment will be scheduled after 3 to 4 weeks so that the separators have made some space, once the space has been made they start the process of banding.