Africa’s Heritage And Ancient Architecture Discredited

People mostly think of Africa is a barren wasteland that has done very little to contribute to civilisation’s history, but the truth is that Africa has an incredibly diverse and captivating history, with many great and advanced civilisations rising and falling there. This continent is home to some of the most bizarre and mysterious manmade objects of history, many of which are thought to have been impossible to erect without advanced tools and equipment. The pyramids of Giza are one such example of architectural masterpieces, even after decades of research these structures are still shrouded in mystery.

This confusion has led to the rise of many theories, some of which are so bizarre that they have led to aliens being responsible for erecting such structures, while not every certified research and archaeological society backs such claims, almost none of them seem to want to rule them out. This leads to many believing that the root cause of crediting aliens for building these monuments rather than humans leads to an ugly and age old problem; racism.

Throughout history, Europeans have taken every opportunity that they could to walk over other races, the reason why a large majority of Africa is in such a state today is due to the fact that the British pillaged Africa of its riches and resources and left it desecrated, just like they did to the subcontinent and many other places that they “colonized”. One might ask that what part racism has to play in uncovering the many mysteries of the ancient world. There is a lot of harm that racism can inflict on the heritage of a certain race, people believing bizarre claims of aliens being responsible for the many wonders of Africa rather than the people of Africa themselves shows that there is a general acceptance of the fact that Africans simply were never capable enough to carry out such feats.

The pyramids are just one example of ancient structures being related with extra-terrestrial life forms, the famous Nazca lines are also considered as sure signs of alien life, besides the obvious disrespect to African culture, such theories also lead to collateral damage caused to these sites by pseudo-scientists looking to unearth the truth by themselves. In 2014, a group of German scientists chiselled out a chunk of the pyramids of Giza without authorization so that they can study its nature, in 2017 it was reported that Nazca graves had been raided by pseudo-scientists, the list of such vandalism goes on and on.

Such activities lead to rising restoration and maintenance costs for preserving such heritage sites, the most recent overhauling of the pyramids costed a whopping $45 million back in 2008. There have been discussions going on to bring such acts of vandalism under control, but the fact still remains that there has been little effort done to curb out notions of aliens building advanced monuments and actually giving credit where it should be given; to the various civilisations that once existed in Africa.